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You can help business owners when you refer them to CoCard, because they'll save money, get the support they need and never have to worry about their fees going up. It's a win-win.

Together, let's help our community.

Open for Business

Referring is EASY


1. You refer
Complete the form & submit your referral

2. We contact the customer
We'll contact the customer and make the sale

3. Receive a thank you gift 
Approximately 90 days after customer starts processing, you'll receive your gift card by mail within 30 days

Complete this form to begin:

Benefits with CoCard


We save business owners an average of 20-30% on their payment processing fees and savings up-to 100% with our Zero Fee program.

Rate Lock

Our rates are locked in for the life of the account and there are NO increases with us - ever. 


We pride ourselves in finding the most affordable pricing and providing unparalleled support that has awarded us highest rated provider in our community.


We have the latest future proof  payment technology including contactless QR payments, mobile, online, on site, text- to-pay and so much more.

There are No Limits refer as many as you like.

We invite you to join us

Together, let's help our community.

CoCard Business 
Referral Program Terms


SUMMARY. CoCard Business (“CoCard”) has instituted a referral program (the “Program”) whereby a person can earn (a) $100 gift card each time he/she refers a merchant to CoCard and that referred merchant signs up and is approved for payment processing services with CoCard. Each of the gift cards is referred to as a “Gift.”


CONDITIONS FOR MERCHANT REFERRAL. In order to be eligible to receive the applicable Gift for a merchant referral, the referring person (the “Inviter”) must (1) go to and fill out the form with the name and contact information for the merchant the Inviter wishes to refer (the “Business”) and (2) the Business must sign up for and be approved for a merchant processing account, and (3) the Business must activate their account by processing a credit card payment of atleast $100, and continue to process credit card payments for atleast ninety (90) days after activation. Subject to these terms, if the foregoing three conditions are met, then the Inviter will receive the applicable Gift from CoCard within 30 days of the conditions being met.

GENERAL CONDITIONS FOR ALL REFERRALS. Existing CoCard customers, as well as their immediate family members, and those that have previously had a merchant account with CoCard cannot be referred under this Program. In addition, employees of CoCard and their immediate family members are not eligible. There is no limit on the number of referrals that an Inviter can make under the Program or the number of Gifts that an Inviter can receive, subject to these terms. All referrals must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to the CoCard sales agent submitting the specific application for the sign-up by the Business. Any eligible Inviter may refer a Business. If a Business is referred by more than one Inviter then the Inviter who inputted the Business’s contact information at first will be eligible for the Gift. The Gift may be subject to terms provided by the issuer. Gift Card recipient is responsible for all related taxes. CoCard may request a W9 form and/or other information in certain circumstances prior to Gift Cards being issued.


GENERAL. The Program and any Gift awarded are subject to these terms and conditions. CoCard reserves the right to change the Program, these terms, and/or terminate the Program, at any time without prior notice. All changes to the Program or these terms will be posted on at Gifts may not be pooled or combined with any other customer’s Gifts and may not be transferred to another customer’s account. CoCard reserves the right to terminate a customer’s right to participate in the Program at any time if the customer violates these terms or otherwise tampers or interferes with the Program or any other CoCard customer. Termination of a customer’s participation will result in a loss of all accumulated Gifts and any other Program benefits. All decisions of CoCard regarding the Program and these terms are final and binding on all Program participants. CoCard will not be responsible for lost, undeliverable or unredeemable Gifts due to inaccurate or insufficient address or contact information submitted by the Inviter.

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